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Darkest greetings Underlords,

The end of 2017 is nearly upon us and it seems as though the year has flown by and for War for the Overworld as well as Brightrock Games it has been a great one.

Throughout 2017 we've crossed several large milestones, launching our third expansion My Pet Dungeon in April followed by the DRM-Free GOG launch in June then chased out in the later half of the year with the Chinese release and more recently the return of European Languages. It's been a year of turnarounds with WFTO now sitting at 98% positive reviews recently on Steam!

Now we look beyond the precipice of the year's end and forward to 2018 which promises to be admitidally bittersweet as WFTOs development comes to an end and we begin to ramp up on Project: Aftercare. But before all that there's still Patch 2.0 and Expansion 4 to come which together promise to be the largest, most important update WFTO has received yet.

We've shared a few details on this anticipated update throughout the last few months but it's still tightly under-wraps. It won't be long until we're back again with more details but until then we've got a few last messages for you before we go, including some sneak previews!

So please...

Read on Underlords!
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