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Darkest greetings Underlords,

We've sent this message spiralling through the Aether in order to promote a good cause. We're proud to announce that The Cynical Imp is coming out of retirement all in the name of charity!

For the longest time we've had a large portion of our player base asking if they could purchase the Kickstarter and Founders Dungeon Themes, which were only available during our Kickstarter. Our backers might remember that when they were filling out their details on the backer site we asked if we could use these exclusive rewards for a charitable cause in the future - and that's precisely what we're doing!

We've partnered with GamesAid, a charity that works closely with the UK games industry to help many different causes via a new form of donation, designed especially for gamers. This new approach is named the GamesAid Digital for Good initiative. It is our hope that our contribution will be the first in a series of optional content updates for games that are designed expressly for charity.

By purchasing The Cynical Imp or the special bundles via our charity site or on Steam, you'll receive your rewards and all the proceeds will go to GamesAid, to distribute to a variety of worthy endeavours.

If you do decide to make a donation, whether that be purchasing The Cynical Imp, one of our bundles with the exclusive Themes, or just donating via the GamesAid website, you'll have our utmost appreciation. Together we can make the world a better place, all whilst having fun!

Thank you for your generosity! We'll return to our regularly scheduled updates on WFTO's development in the coming months.
The Cynical Imp Charity Drive
The Cynical Imp Charity Drive
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