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Darkest greetings Underlords,

It's been two years since War for the Overworld’s release - how time flies! We here at Brightrock Games have been hard at work constructing the next pieces of WFTO and placing the foundations for the final content updates. But before then we have a huge announcement, ushering in the release of an all-new and much anticipated game mode: My Pet Dungeon!

Those of you who have been following our recent posts will know that the success of Crucible and Patch 1.5 has given us the opportunity to extend our plans for WFTO. Patch 1.6 & My Pet Dungeon are the crystallisation of that opportunity, a chance to tidy areas of the game that have not received much love, while delivering a mode that many fans requested but we never believed we'd have time for!

Dungeon management veterans should know what to expect from My Pet Dungeon, but for those of you unfamiliar you can anticipate a laid-back experience, exploring new realms and expanding your dungeon. We've thrown in a few of our own twists as well that we're sure you'll enjoy! Furthermore although My Pet Dungeon is a paid DLC the first two levels are free to everyone, so feel free to try before you buy!

Finally, for the next 48 hours War for the Overworld and its DLC will be on sale for up to 75% off as part of the Steam Daily Deal. If you've yet to take the plunge this is the perfect opportunity to grab the game - especially as the new Anniversary Collection further discounts all the content!

Now without further ado we're sure you want to learn more about My Pet Dungeon and Patch 1.6 so...

Read on Underlords!
My Pet Dungeon & Patch 1.6 Previews
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